is stealing the humanity, the youth and the future of young girls.


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Our Girls, Georgia Aquarium, 2019

A Few Examples of Lives Being Changed

Age 17

"Gigi's House has helped me in becoming who I want to be. Without Gigi's House I would still be on the streets. I found lifelong support that will always be by my side through my troubles. I finally was able to feel what it felt like to be cared about and to be wanted after being used and manipulated. Gigi's house showed me patience how to accept love, and that your past will never define you!"

Age 18

"Being at Gigi's House I was able to learn so much and I was able to totally turn around my life and it forever changed me. I thank God everyday for the support system I have here. They have always supported me on my bad days and I know they will continue to support me when I am no longer here anymore."

Age 13

"I thank God for bringing me to Gigi's House and creating a safe environment for me. I am thankful for the people there that helped me through the obstacles that I faced. You may ask, why did such a little girl have to go through all this in her childhood? My answer is that God does everything for a reason and sooner or later I will discover that reason who God wants me to be in life and what my calling may be, but until then I will keep believing."


Gigi's House creates a safe culture for victims to heal at their own pace.

Gigi's House is a faith-based home dedicated to serving girls ages 13-19 who are victims of sex trafficking. In addition to safe housing, we provide individual and group trauma-informed therapy with a licensed therapist, home-school, mentoring, life skills and daily self-confidence building activities.

Our team is passionate about helping these girls develop practical and emotional life skills so that they can survive as healthy adults and build the futures they deserve.


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