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The Issue

“Human trafficking can and does occur in

every corner of the world.”

Sex Trafficking is when force, fraud, or coercion is used to cause someone to perform a commercial sex act. Any commercial sex act with a minor is sex trafficking, regardless of their personal willingness.

The Facts of Sex Trafficking


children are at risk of sex trafficking in the U.S.

14 years

average age of a domestic sex trafficking victim.

1 in 4 Girls

will be sexually exploited by the age of 18.

1 in 6 Boys

will be sexually exploited by the age of 18.


children are currently being trafficked for sex in the U.S.


Number of men in Georgia who pay for sex with a minor.


Traffickers may be family members, recruiters, employers, or strangers who exploit vulnerability and circumstance to coerce victims to engage in commercial sex or deceive them into forced labor. They commit these crimes through schemes that take victims hundreds of miles away from their homes or in the same neighborhoods where they were born.

Warning Signs


Special Marks, Tattoos,

or Branding

Chronic Runaway


New Clothes, jewelry, or phone that cannot be accounted for.

Substance Abuse

Significantly older boyfriend/girlfriend

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