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House Manager Job Description

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House Manager(HM) is responsible for the daily watchful oversight of the Child Caring Institution of Gigi’s House. The HM is responsible for monitoring the residents’ needs and ensuring that appropriate services are being provided and arranged for in order to meet those needs.  

House Manager will report directly to the Director.

Daily Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Ensure resident’s daily requirements are met 

  • Oversee resident’s daily responsibilities, including nutrition, chores, school, medications are taken

  • Nightly HM must ensure that resident is in bed by checking every 15 minutes

  • Ensure that residents are supervised at all times by monitoring their whereabouts

  • Maintains cleanliness and safety of the home

  • Ensures the program rules and procedures are carried out

  • Facilitates daily devotionals using Christ centered literature including, but not limited to, the Bible

  • Reinforce socially acceptable behaviors (i.e. manners, eating habits, safety)

  • Ability to assess resident’s verbal and nonverbal needs

  • Promote self-esteem, healthy boundaries, good hygiene and appropriate appearance

  • Teach and reinforce thoughtful decision-making

  • Assuring safety by conducting room inspections, securing potentially hazardous cleaning products

  • Engaging residents in planning activities

  • Work as part of a team to identify needs and strategies to meet those needs

  • Document significant incidents in log book before and give handoff communication to next House Manager on duty.

  • Ensure weekly visitations are held in common areas and the visitations are logged in and out


This is not necessarily a verbatim list of all job responsibilities, duties, requirements with the job. While intended to be accurate, the agency reserves the right to revise job duties as circumstances may change.

Must be at least 21 years of age

Educational requirements: High School Diploma/GED.  Must have current evidence of successful completion of a biennial training program in CPR and a triennial training program in first aid which have been offered by a certified or licensed health care professional.

Must be able to able to pass background check/fingerprinting, and 5 year MVR

For any questions: contact

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