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Gigi's House Brick Campaign

At Gigi’s House, we offer so much than just a home for these girls.  We provide home-schooling, individual and group trauma therapy with a licensed therapist, mentoring, life skills and daily self-confidence building  activities. Through our program, we have seen girls transform from broken and feeling unloved to thriving independent young adults who are ready to conquer the world.

Phase II home will allow us to serve 10 more girls.  We hope to have a total of 5 homes to serve 50 girls as well as an administrative /  education building for schooling and counseling needs as well as an Independent Living village for girls that have aged out of the system so that they can continue to get the  services they need to be successful members of our  community. We are so excited for this new expansion but we are in need of people like you to help us! 


This is where YOU can help.  Purchase one or more bricks and the net proceeds will go toward to our expansion campaign.  The Bricks will be used to make a walkway to a patio area for the girls to enjoy.  Complete the form on the back to start the process.


  SIZE          PRICE        LINES        CHARACTERS

4 x 8 in       $100.00         3                    18

The 4×8-inch brick will have space for three lines, 18 characters per line.


8 x 8 in       $200.00         6                    18

The 8×8-inch brick will have space for six lines, 18 characters per line.

Brick Order Form


Continue to Line 4 - 6 only if purchasing 8 X 8 Brick

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